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Led Benefits

Better Efficiency

Uses 50% less energy compared to compact fluorescent saving energy and lowering cost to operate.


The average life of our LED model is 50,000 hours vs 10,000 hours for compact fluorescent saving hundreds of dollars in lamp replacement costs over the life of the fixture. LED technology maintains 70% of brightness at end of life compared to 60% for fluorescent.

Quality Light

High CRI combined with 5000K color temperature provides consistent quality light for higher productivity.


LEDs are shatterproof making them safer and eliminating damage during shipping.

Cooler Operation

LED produces very little heat in a room or air conditioned space. Less heat means the Air Conditioning system does not have to work as hard.

Mercury Free

Unlike fluorescents, LEDs contain no mercury making them safe for the environment.

Lower Maintenance

Save on routine maintenance costs eliminating the need to replace fluorescent or metal halide lamps every 3-5 years due to reduced life expectancy.

UV Free

LED does not emit any light in the non-visible light spectrum (UV). UV/IR light causes colors to fade while also being the leading cause of eye strain and eye fatigue.


5-year warranty on entire light including LED light source.