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Traditional Lighting Can Be Big Expense in Warehouses

Your warehouse lighting needs are varied, and there is much to consider when specifying those needs. Lighting must comply with codes, use energy efficiently, enable productivity and enhance the working space. Lighting is also one of the biggest energy expenses in your warehouse and can be up to 60% of your electric bill. Traditional HID or fluorescent lighting is a drain on your resources. It wastes energy and requires routine and unexpected maintenance. Traditional lighting also struggles to comply with changing energy codes.

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Warehouse Lighting

LED Warehouse Lighting Offers Savings, Efficiency, Flexibility

The key to an effective solution is energy-efficient, low-maintenance LED warehouse lighting. And pairing controls with your LED warehouse lights brings additional benefits to further reduce your total cost of operation and increase the flexibility of your operation. Accu-Tech is your single-source provider of today’s most innovative lighting and controls technology.

  • LED high bays for energy-saving overhead illumination
  • LED task lighting for work stations and other task areas
  • Occupancy and daylight sensors to help you save more energy
  • Flexible networked controls for managing your lighting

The Cary Company located in Addison, IL installed 110 of the Accu-Tech High Bay LED lights in their 100,000 square foot expansion. They opted to include the optional occupancy sensors which will save an additional 25-30% in energy costs. Our optional factory installed Emergency Lighting Battery Backup system provides 90 minutes of emergency lighting in the event of a power outage. This reduces labor costs to install remote emergency lighting.

Professional Lighting Design Services are available free for qualify projects. Call 847.304.0632 for details.

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