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Arena Indoor Lights


Lighting is a diverse field with numerous applications and a wide range of specialized products. When it comes to indoor riding arenas, choosing the right lighting is crucial to meet the unique needs of these spaces.
For indoor riding arenas, our line of High Bay LED lights are recommend.
In addition to technical specifications, there are other factors to consider when selecting the best lighting solution for indoor riding arenas:

• Mounting Height: Hang lighting fixtures high enough to avoid causing discomfort or added heat to the horses. Highbay LED lights perform best at a minimum mounting height of 15’ – 25’.
• Color Rendering: We recommend 5000K which mimics natural daylight. In equestrian settings, proper color rendering allows the light to accurately show the horse’s color and makes it easier to spot potential health concerns. A dimly lit arena or stable can be detrimental to both the horse and the rider, posing safety concerns due to reduced visibility.

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