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38,000 Lumen High Bay LED


36″ (4) Module 38,000 Lumen 290 Watt (not shown in photo)


Low-glare diffuser for smooth consistant illumination. Powerful 38,000 lumens with high color rendering 90 CRI Accu-Tech proprietary LED Boards. Made in USA with 5-Year Warranty

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Accu-Tech’s LED High Bays are designed with precision optics delivering maximum light on target. All LED high bays feature a diffuse lens for reduced glare and superior user comfort. Robust construction includes extruded aluminum body for superior thermal management even in elevated ambient temperatures. Optional Controls and Emergency Battery Back-up Systems are available.


    • 12,000 – 44,000 Lumen packages
    • 2 optical packages for aisle and general purpose applications
    • Mounting height 15-40 ft
    • 1:1 replacement for metal halide or FL high bays
    • Accu-View diffuser reduces glare
    • Extruded aluminum body for superior thermal control in ambient temperatures up to 55*C
    • LM-79 tested
  • 0-10V Dimming driver standard; controls compatible
  • Assembled in the USA, meets ARRA requirements
  • 5 year warrant


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